Fall 2017

This video explores how a museum could exist in a virtual setting, taking cues from architectural imagery and our daily interactions with two-dimensional interfaces. A unique web experience is resituated inside the gallery, where transitions from room to room emulate the motions that one would perform with a swipe, scroll, or zoom into an image, revealing an implied space beyond the two-dimensional surface. However, as we scroll through the feeds of Instagram and design blogs, the seamless transition from image to image can only further a lack of scale and sense of place. This project then poses the question: How are we able to locate ourselves within the digital realm?

Yale School of Architecture
Rendered: Architecture and Contemporary Image Culture
Critic: Brennan Buck
Published in: Paprika! Vol. 3 Issue 10 ‘Condemned to be Digital’
Image Credits: ArchDaily, Yale Center for British Art, FALA atelier, Pezo Von Ellrichshausen

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